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Shenzhen Universiade--Leomay Technology Honor To Be One Of The LED Strips’Supplier
Jun 07, 2018

 Shenzhen Universiade Center the world's largest LED landscape lighting, Leomay Technology was honor to become one of LED lights suppliers.

    August 12, at the upcoming 26th World University Summer Games, LED lighting will be a surprise to the world once again and deductive a light miracle in large operations center, sports facilities, roads, and so full debut Universiade Village!

   As the main venue of this Universiade, Shenzhen Universiade Center showed as three stones type of construction, the use of LED lighting system allows three gem-shaped building shines at night, 960,000 LED light performed interpretation of art. The LED light of Shenzhen Universiade Center works of art to "Crystal Light • Light up Yang City" as the theme, the project was successful created by the pioneer and leader in the field of LED lighting works of art ---the lighting work of art created team of "Yueh-Hsia Tseng ahead in the eye" . It is said that this is the first large-scale construction on the Shenzhen LED lighting applications. Only the main stadium has on the use of more than 23,000 sets of lamps, lighting an area of 110,000 square meters. The swimming center, gymnasium and sports center three buildings of Universiade of main stadium, have installed a total of 960,000 pieces of lighting-class LED chip.

    The world's largest LED landscape lighting systems break the traditional center of Shenzhen Universiade light, it is understood, the Center of the Universidad has the world's largest LED landscape lighting system. The laying of an area of 150,000 square meters of large operations center landscape lighting system uses a specially developed LED chips on one million dedicated and non-linear lens, using the world's leading six core patented technology independent control system that can simultaneously control 23880 set of intelligent lighting, a total of 88350 independent control unit, 365 days a year fully automatic operation and monitoring. All lamps are installed in the steel part of the main beam and sub beam to achieve a trough of hidden lighting and completely eliminate the obvious light, lit when you see the light but not light, constitute a perfect world of pure light. In order to achieve a unique crystal effects, lighting design center of the Grand Canal to yellow, green, blue, white-based colors, designed with more than 20 different light, different light language to describe the Shenzhen openness, diversity, youth, vitality of modern urban culture, different facade. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, a large Universade center lighting system with light program, theoretical upper limit is 4.2 billion kinds!

     Such a massive lighting system, the beauty will do is beauty and power consumption even more amazing? However real beauty ever depends on extravagance! Three “Crystal “landscapes of all open an hour and a power consumption of only three hundred or four hundred degrees! Games Center square yard, Park Street outside street lamps, brick lamp, all using solar and wind power, does not need to lay the pipeline. It can be said that the Universade centre of legends of light and shadow, seeking a breakthrough in the inheritance, breaking point lit themselves as excellent. Zero distance LED display allows events.

     In major incidents, never grudging in their style LED display.  It is understood that this Universiade at the gym, basketball court and other various applications to the LED display. As the Universiade display provider, Liantronics built a total of three bright LED high-definition big screen for the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center: a PH20 outdoor full color LED display, an area of 16.64 m × 8.96 m = 149.09 square meters, the installation in the main stadium; the other two PH10 Indoor full Color SMD triple, respectively, installed in the main stadium of the north and south sides of each area of 11.52 m × 6.4 m = 73.73 square meters.

   Currently, these full-color installations have finished installation. The item from the pre-sales, production, installation, commissioning, operational and other aspects, the Liantronics and the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center staff work closely together to try to meet the needs of its every detail to ensure the best display of the display and stability. Liantronics LED full color display for the 26th Universiade football and table tennis competitions of the "display" added an indelible mark.

  To welcome the arrival of the Universiade, Shenzhen has completed the Riverside Road - Coastal Road 35 overpass, landscape lighting, pedestrian bridge construction. During the Universiade they will be formed with the main road, Shennan Road, ‘dance with two dragon' of the night. At the same time, by the chance of "Welcome the Universade,", Shenzhen is also adding lighting to enhance the environment in mind, the aging street infrastructure reconstruction project, the original SAR energy-efficient lighting renovation project and the original SAR pole lamp renovation project on aging, high energy, there are security risks of street facilities replacement. High-tech Science Park and the downtown area of semiconductor lighting street lamp demonstration project has more than 60 roads will be more than 2,000 high pressure sodium lamp replace to LED lights. In addition, the city's 355 projects to enhance the green transformation have been largely completed and 30 new types of parks to be enhanced and the transformation of 55.

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    Add:No.3178,Renmin Road,Minzhi Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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