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2018 International Lighting & Building Technology And Equipment Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany
Jun 07, 2018

Light + Building2018

Show time: March 18-23th, 2018

Venue: Frankfur Fairand Exbibition Center

Organizers: Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Leomay booth No.:Hall10.2,F10C

Please visit us at  2018 Frankfurt Lighting Fair, Booth No.: Hall 10.2, F10C  (March 18-23th,2018)



About Light + Building

The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology presents intelligent and networked solutions, future-oriented technologies and current design trends.

Leading World Trade Fair for Lighting and Building Services Technology

Around 2,600 exhibitors present their world firsts at Light + Building in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. Of over 210,000 visitors, almost half come from outside Germany. Amongst the major visitor groups are architects, interior architects, designers, planners and engineers, as well as tradesmen and women and representatives from the retail and wholesale sectors and from industry.

Light + Building is a trade fair for innovation, covering all electrically based building services systems; it seeks to promote the integrated planning of building services systems with a product spectrum that is unique, both in its breadth and its depth. The world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building services engineering, Light + Building showcases solutions for reducing the energy consumption of buildings, at the same time as raising the levels of comfort within them. The show covers everything from LED and photovoltaic technology to electric vehicles, ‘intelligent’ ways of using electricity with ‘smart metering’ and ‘smart grids’. By combining lighting and networked building services, the industry can offer an integrated range of products and services that make a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings in buildings.


Light + Building product segments

As the world’s only trade fair to combine the fields of architecture and technology, Light + Building presents the key sectors for integrated building planning at the same time and place:

Light + Building represents the world’s largest stage for the lighting market. The total spectrum of exhibits includes designer luminaires in a variety of styles, technical luminaires and lamps in various forms and for all kinds of uses, as well as a huge range of technical lighting components and accessories, including outdoor and street lighting, and is to be found in Halls 1 (Trendspot Design) to 6, in Hall 10 and in the Forum.

There are, at the show, all sorts of new and inspiring ideas relating to lighting, as well as to electrotechnology and home and building automation.

With its central, cross-sector technologies aimed at overall, integrated solutions, electrical and electronic engineering occupies a key position within building services technology. And it is only at Light + Building that you will find electrical and electronic solutions presented in the context of the work of other trades, such as lighting and home and building automation. It is through this unique combination that the industry is able to present an integrated range of products and services, making a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings within buildings.

Trade professionals visiting the show will find the full range of products and services relating to solutions for energy-efficient building services, electrical and electronic installations and building services infrastructure in Hall 8.0, whilst Hall 9.0, together with the Galleria, is home to various kinds of electrical installations, as well as decentralised systems for energy provision and relevant components. In Hall 11.0, everything revolves around electrical installations and network technology. Designer electrical installations and building services systems have made their way into Hall 11.1. Security technology is to be found in Hall 9.1.


Exhibition introduction

Lighting Fair Frankfurt, Germany is the world's largest lighting and building electrical exhibition, since its first exhibition in 1999, the exhibition has rapidly developed into one of the industry's most influential international exhibitions.

As the principle of the 2018 Lighting Fair in Frankfurt is: Maintaining the total area of the China Pavilion in 2016, please sign up as soon as possible so as to avoid missed opportunities. In 2016, Light + Building once again surpassed itself and created a series of new records. Since the first Light + Building was first held in 1999, the number of tourists has been on the rise. With 216,000 visitors participating this year, 106,000 of them are international visitors, accounting for 50% of the total number of visitors. The exhibition area has also set a historic record. 2016 Total exhibition area of 249,100 square meters. Frankfurt Lighting Fair offers an unprecedented opportunity to come together from top lighting exhibitors from all over the world is the best choice for lighting companies, you should not be missed.


Highly specialized target groups In 2016, approximately 59% of visitors came from trade in lighting, components and accessories to attend technical lighting exhibitions, 37% were particularly interested in decorative lighting accessories, 19% of visitors came from the construction industry, and planning And the design department, 16% from the retail trade and wholesale trade.

Innovative Ideas for 2016 Exhibitions - Integrated Design Drawings and the Integration of Disciplines It was once again the vision of the future for the future that is now being realized in our sight. Lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, a unique international stage to promote the realization of this dream. As the most professional exhibition in the field of architecture and technology, the unique concept of the Lighting Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, is to integrate all the architectural design, lighting and electroplating technology, as well as the automation of buildings and buildings into the same exhibition. From three Aspects for exhibitors and visitors at the same time provide the most comprehensive overall planning.


The concept of success of the Lighting Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, is based on current trends and is comprehensive, strong and future-oriented. For the designers, planners and operators of the construction industry, the biennial Lighting Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, is the most important exhibition in the international professional field. From investors to architects, from senior engineers to planning engineers, process engineers and operators, from wholesalers to retailers, professionals in the lighting, electroplating, and housing and building automation industries around the world are all accustomed to Germany Attracted by the Frankfurt Lighting Fair.

Range of exhibition:

1. Lighting: technical lighting and accessories, industrial technical lighting indoor lighting, office technical lighting, special purpose technology lighting, lighting control, management and measurement, indoor lighting and accessories, indoor lighting special lighting, indoor lighting special Use equipment, housing and outdoor garden lighting, interior lighting accessories and so on

2. Electrical Installations: Cables and Wires / Cable Cabling Systems / Distribution and Connection Materials, Safety Switches / Modular Assembly Units, Various Electrical Engineering Equipment and Components, etc.

3. Building Automation: Special Purpose House Automation, Special Purpose Highrise Building Automation, Services, Equipment Management and Contracting

4. Building related systems: air conditioning and ventilation systems, material handling systems, elevator systems, escalators or corridors, automatic parking systems, etc.


Exhibition highlights

Today, the Frankfurt Lighting Fair in Germany as the most important and the largest exhibition in the field of expertise has received strong support from leading trade associations such as the German Association of Electrotechnical Manufacturers, the German Federation of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, the German Association of Bathroom, Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment stand by. Here you will meet professional target audiences such as senior engineers, corporate decision makers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the world to ensure that you display your products on the most up-to-date platform with a more direct view of the latest trends and state-of-the-art Science and technology.

In 2018 Light + Building will show the latest lighting trends, from the technical development to design. The famous Luminale light show to enter the theme of the show, will attract a large number of tourists to visit.

International Lighting Exhibition Light + Building covers the entire market with technical lighting, lamps, decorative lamps and accessories, innovative lighting technology and the latest design trends are here to show you. With the reputation of the show widely spread to high-quality tourists from around the globe came to Frankfurt to see the most advanced lighting innovations.

Architecture is an important innovation driver for the industry. Light + Building is a digital trend that bridges the gap between design and architecture, and architectural technology provides the foundation and inspiration for digital, "smart home," and "smart powering "trend

Market analysis

Germany is Europe's largest economy, the fourth largest country in the world in terms of gross domestic product, and the fifth largest country in GDP. Since the Industrial Revolution, Germany has been a pioneer, innovator and beneficiary of the increasingly globalized economy. At the same time, Germany is a major trading nation of the world and maintains trade relations with more than 230 countries and regions. Expected between 2016 and 2018, Germany's real GDP growth will remain at an average annual level of 1.5%. In the meantime, the number of jobs is increasing and the labor market continues to improve.


With the continuous expansion of the world market of lighting fixtures, the trade of lamps, lamps and electric light sources has been increasing year by year. Of course, the demand for environmental protection and energy-saving lamps is increasing all over the world, including Germany. The next decade will be the golden age of LED. LED technology in the next two years there have been great developments, due to the 1000 hours after the current brightness will decline 30%, so the application of the era will take one to two years, but he believes that LED has great advantages in the future with LED together change the lighting industry. The lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany is the world's lighting industry's highest technical arena, with a guiding role, the products displayed by the lighting industry represents the highest level and the future direction of the lighting industry

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