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LED Tube Lamp How to install, LED lamp is broken how to change
Mar 19, 2018

How to install LED tube lamp 

1, you start with the tube installed LED lamp Lighting Place, you will realize that there are three main components: ballast, lamp, you have to remove. Now, the starter may not be an independent component in the whole circuit, and sometimes it is built in the ballast itself.

2. Remove the fixture from the old bulb and ensure the power or main power supply, close the entire fixture in doing so.

You may need simple tools such as screwdrivers, Wire, crimping, knives, nuts and bolts to get them all handy. 

3. Once the old bulb or lamp light is off you have to remove the reflector package wiring and ballast.Usually, it is easy to separate the reflection, you can use a screwdriver to eliminate this, in case it is fixed with screws, otherwise you can use the pressure line to pull out the reflector. 

4. Now you have to remove the ballast and start pitching (if any). The ballast will have two screws, then loosen them with a screwdriver and dispose of it. However, the line connection to this will also be removed.The clamp is connected to the wire to complete the circuit. 

5, will be successful, fixed reflection back to the original place cover, insert wiring work LED tube lamp socket.

Now though the LED barrel light is inserted you should determine the end of the top and bottom and must also be fixed to the same thing as the circuit. 

6. Once you have finished installing LED tube lights in the fixture, turn on the power. If the connection is correct and the accessories are done correctly, you will have a better illumination. Your plan does not end here, and it is important that you dispose of the old fluorescent bulbs or lamp lamps correctly in accordance with local regulatory requirements.

Because these bulbs contain a small amount of toxic mercury, which is highly dangerous.

The LED lamp is broken how to change

1, if the LED power supply damage, to buy voltage, current and other parameters of the same power supply, to replace it.

2, if the LED lamp damage more, and the damaged led SMD Lamp concentrated in the same area, you can cut off the damaged part of the welding. 

3, if you have a certain electronic basic knowledge, to buy the same type of LED lights, hand a soldering iron, can be re welded.

But then again, each LED light bar has many led SMD lamp components, bad one or two, no effect on the brightness. 

4, the LED lamp bead bad How to do this problem, we should according to what circumstances to do the corresponding measures, whether it is led damage or drive power damage, for the sake of safety, it is recommended to find professionals to repair, in the use of not only to consider the LED itself issued by the heat of the lamp effect, Also consider the ambient ambient temperature on the photoelectric properties of the lamp effect.

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    Add:No.3178,Renmin Road,Minzhi Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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