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How to distinguish LED light bead good or bad?
Mar 19, 2018

How to judge the 2835 light beads and 5630 light bead is good or bad? From these aspects can be explained: 

First: Look at the brightness is usually said by your lamp bead can reach how many LM (lumen), LM (lumen) is a measure of the brightness of the light beads unit to 5630 light beads as an example of the ordinary indicator (RA>80) is white light bead to illustrate the measurement of a single light bead in 40-76lm/w around, Request highlighted words all to the product the request is relatively high, this general export and more high-end lighting will be used, otherwise the domestic market is rarely used to show more than 80 of the lamp bead, there is some customer requirements to show that more than 90 of the lamp bead brightness words will generally be in 50-55LM,This is generally used in the export and special lighting, such as covey light beads are all imported from Taiwan and access to the United States Energy Star certification is exported to the United States Hollywood. 

Second: See whether the light is uniform color uniformity, the quality of good light bead luminous very evenly, color consistent. Poor quality of the lamp bead will appear a light bead brightness, a light bead dark phenomenon, luminous color is not uniform, there will be obvious dark areas.

The reason for this phenomenon may be two times of light products, what is called two times the light? is to put some bad light beads or defective recovery from the new light into use. 

Third: Look at chip and chip size, chip is the quality of the light bead is the decisive factor, now the largest chip manufacturers are crystal chip, and its quality and so do a very good job. There are some foreign chips such as Samsung, Puri and so on chip (price expensive). Chip is the size of the general mil as a measure of the size of the chip unit, in general, the larger the stability of the chip is stronger, the higher the brightness, the better the heat dissipation. The length of the Lamp bead life has a great relationship with the heat dissipation.

Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of using irregular small chips, which led to the lamp life is low, brightness low, of course, the price is low. 

Four: Look at the glue and fluorescent powder, the general good products will be imported glue, such as the Japanese letter, the United States Dow Corning High quality glue, phosphor words good will use Taiwan Philip Big phosphor.The packaged lamp bead is not deformed by hand, and the quality of the glue can be deformed or even cracked. 

Five: Look at the stent, the general situation bracket for the plating Banhong copper stent, plated Banhong Copper stent is the advantage of heat dissipation is fast, you can better to the lamp bead heat dissipation, small resistance. Some businesses on the market will use iron stent instead of Banhong Copper stent, iron stent easy to rust, thermal conductivity is not good.How to determine whether it is plated Banhong copper bracket? The most direct way is to cut with scissors to see if there is a red copper color.

Sixth: Can do vulcanization experiment, good lamp bead does vulcanization experiment when the lamp bead is not easy to vulcanization, the quality of light bead is apt to occur vulcanization phenomenon or even as death lamp phenomenon. 

Seventh: Look at the packaging process, good quality LED light beads color uniformity, colloid consistency. This is inseparable from good machine equipment, production machinery and equipment is a key factor, good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of the products in each procedure, to ensure product yield.

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    Add:No.3178,Renmin Road,Minzhi Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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